Evolves from cottonee by using a Sun Stone (Can be found by having a pokemon with Pickup or using the UMV)

Cottonee can be found at Cosmeos Vally

Abilites: Infilirator, Prankster (Hidden) Chlorophyll

RobloxScreenShot20170809 155007110
Typing: Grass Fairy 

Weakness: Fire Steel Poison Ice and Flying


Whimiscott's egg moves can be 

Beat up, Captivate, Encore, Fake Tears, Grass whistle, MemeEnto, Natural Gift, Switcheroo, Tickle and Worryseed


This is the Shiny form of Whimiscott



                                                  Information Site: Https://

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Whimsicott (1)

This is the Normal form of Whimiscott

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