Volcanion is a type of pokemon that has the ability Water Absorb. It is a Generation 6 Pokemon.
To find Volcanion, speak to the grandma in a small green house in Port Decca who will express their love for cooking and how they want to host a cooking show. She will ask you to find her 3 items; a Big Mushroom, a Chilan Berry,and Stardust.

Big Mushroom - Paras, Route 9

Chilan Berry - Rattata, Fortulose Manor

Stardust - Staryu, Rosecove Beach

Note that Rattatas with Chilan Berry and Paras with a Big Mushroom have a very small chance of appearing! (5%)

Once you find all three items, go back to her house and she will award you with an Epineshroom. You must after that go to Brimber City and give it to the Black Belt that is standing next to a large rock. He will smash it open and it will unveil a pathaway to Volcanion's cave. In it, you can encounter Volcanion and attempt to catch it.


Use a Pokémon with the ability 'Compound Eyes' to increase the chance of getting any of these items such a Joltik or Galvantula.

Remember to take the items off the Pokémon before giving them to her.

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