Well, first of all, this page is the top 6 best pokemon in Pokemon Brick Bronze in my opinion, ever pokemon can be beaten so any pokemon is the best, but there are a few pokemon that can defeat a great amount of pokemon, so lets start with the top:

  • Manaphy:this pokemon can just tail glow twice and then use either energy ball scald or ice beam then it will be UNSTOPABLE!!!!!
  • Tyranitar: This pokemon doesnt need to be mega, it is very powerful in his own. It is considered as a demi-legend because his stats are very similar to a legendary pokemon. His attacks areincredible too, but the problem is the weight, in a lot of battles I found a tyranitar, but I cold defeat him easy with grass knot. for people that doesnt know, the damage of grass knot is compared of the weight of the pokemon, and Tyranitar is that heavy that it will die with 2 grass knots. But even with that, we all know that tyranitar rocks in all fights, the only problem is grass knot.
  • lucario: this pokemon has to be mega and with calm mind and it can just smash anything with aura sphere.
  • starmie:with really fast speed it will be really fast and with recover it can easily troll and with not knowing it has scald thunderbolt and ice beam and recover it can be boss. 
  • cloyster:first of all it needs weakness policy and shell smash which can easily when took of the weakness policy and skill link it can use razor shell icicle spear and scald which is a good movset so it is boss.
  • aegislash:with it having weakness policy as an item it will also have swords dance kings sheild and shadow sneak then you can sweep.
  • There is an unknown publisher that is publishing. If you can get my username correct in the comments then get yourself a free legendary/mythical.
    Mega-Mewtwo X XY

Well, i hope you liked my top 10, fell free to try them in pvp, i hope it helped so much and if you think there is a better pokemon than one of above, please share it in comments.

Pokemon Brick Bronze name: MaelBermejo

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