Boo! I wish surf was out! Im leaving this game forever because surf isnt out! BUT DONT LEAVE! Surf is and will be coming out soon! Just wait for it! Or you could do it now????? How To Use Surf (NOT OFFICIAL SURF JUST GLITCH!) You can either do this with a hoverboard to hover over the water like your surfing or just plain old slow walk. It takes place in rosecove. At the very bottom floor of rosecove city is a small house. Run through the door but right as you go through the door or touch the door press bag. Then once inside your bag will remain activated but you can still walk. Go back outside. Go to rosecove beach and fish while using the old rod. press close on the bag. Then press old rod to fling in the air! 3% of shooting in the air and staying midair and slowly moving up every 1 minute. 97% of flinging onto the water. And while your at it, you'll find some really intresting stuff too! A cave, on the side of the mountain where the lighthouse is on, and a random guy. On a minature island.

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