Logo 100 Mem

Logo used to commemorate Team Celestial's milestone of 100 members. Created by armyzack1990.

Team Celestial is a group made specifically for PBB. It is allied to the Pokemon BrickBronze group and is considered an official group.

History Edit

Team Celestial started off as an idea proposed by Exontric. The original developers of the group were Exontric, xPyroniz, and armyzack1990. This idea of creating a group solely based around the game PBB was the first of it's kind, and Team Celestial became the very first Pokemon BrickBronze group to be made official by lando64000.

Elite Four Tournament Edit

This event was the first major tournament held by Team Celestial. It was designed to pick four members within the group to represent Team Celestial as the most advanced trainers. This event turned out to be a complete failure due to multiple issues, and the tournament was cancelled.

Notable Members Edit

Exontric Edit

Exontric is the original Overlord of Team Celestial, and one of the original developers. Team Celestial was his idea, and he brought together the group to make it a reality.

xPyroniz Edit

xPyroniz is one of the original four Council Members of TC, and one of the original developers. He created the description of the group, the lore, and is a Moderator in the game Pokemon BrickBronze.

Armyzack1990 Edit

Armyzack1990 is one of the original four Council Members of TC, and one of the original developers. He created the original uniform, logo, and thumbnail for the "Meeting Hall." He is also a Game Developer in the game Pokemon BrickBronze. He is also the creator of the "Tournament Hall."

Mipgeek5 Edit

Mipgeek5 was one of the original four Council Members of TC. As of 12/10/15, this is the only known scenario where a High Rank was removed from power. Due to constant negligence and abusiveness to fellow members of the group, a meeting was led by Exontric to remove Mip from his Council chair. The Council voted unanimously, and he was removed.

Accomplishments Edit

- First official Pokemon BrickBronze group

- First PBB group to reach 500 members

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