Shaymin can be captured by owning Gracidea.  You can obtain the Gracidea by going to route 9 and talking to the lady in the building before route 10.  After you talk to her you need to have all 5 colors of any evolution of Flabébé.  When you get all five colors go talk to the lady again.  She will give you the Gracidea.  To catch Shaymin you need to head to Cragonos Cliffs and head down the path to find a hill with flowers on it Shaymin will be there.  Saving before battling is recommended. Use the Gracidea to change Shaymin to it's Sky Form. Shaymin is a Mythical Pokémon.

Level Up Edit

Level Attack Name Type Catergory Attack Accuracy PP Effect %
Growth Normal Status 20
10 Magical Leaf Grass Status 60 40
19 Leech Seed Grass Status 90 10
28 Synthesis Grass Status 5
37 Sweet Scent Normal Status 100 20
46 Natural Gift
64 Aromatherapy
73 Energy Ball
82 Sweet Kiss
91 Healing Wish
100 Seed Flare

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