Seviper is a Poison type Pokemon. You get it from the Day Care in Lagoona Lake, by talking to the girl next to the PC. She will offer  you   one of two eggs a white one which contains Zangoose, or a black one which contains Seviper. When hatched Seviper knows the moves Swagger and Wrap. These are it's moves and the level it learns them at.


Level Move Type Catagory Attack Accuracy PP Effect
1 Swagger Normal Staus -------- 85 15 Confuses opponent's Pokemon
1 Wrap Normal Physical 15 90 20 Hurts opponent's pokemon for 4-5 turns
4 Bite Dark Physical 60 100 25 May cause Flinching 30%
6 Lick Ghost Physical 30 100 30 May cause Paralysis 30%
9 Poison Tail Poison Phyiscal 50 100 25 May Poison opponent 30%
11 Feint

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