I am going to be giving away some starters at the trade resort! If you would like to participate, please comment your Roblox username and the time you are going to be on; so you can book yourself a trade.

Please don't be upset if you are not able to get one; more starters will be in stock soon.

Starters Worth: 1000 Robux Worth of Starters will be given away

1 starter per player; you save 25 robux

Thank you for reading and i am looking forward for you to participate!


1). After you received a starter: you are to leave the trade resort, or leave the line: i can always remember who got one.

2). YOU MUST STAY IN THE LINE; i will pick a player in order, i will make sure EVERY single person waiting in the line will get the Pokemon.

3). NO CUTTING; cutting will mean you will be put as "last" which will decrease your chance to winning the starters in the giveaway; so just stay in line.

4). I do NOT need any of a players trade: what i mean is, when i place the starter, a player would give me something for it; the starter is free and no requirements unless you want to contribute by putting a starter, then that is fine.

5). You NEED to book in the comment section if you would like to be the FIRST ones to get the starters: get them while they are hot! If players have not booked; they will have to get the starters accordingly.

Your booking format:GamingWithJulissa_YT

After you book a trade; you will get added and be able to come to the trade resort as the first ones to receive the starters; FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!

This is pretty much it, i wanted to make this giveaway to make Brick Bronze fun for you guys and so you may enjoy starters that you can't buy; because you do not have enough robux.


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