Location Edit

Route 8 is the area between Lagoona Lake and Rosecove Beach. It consists of wild Pokemon and trainers. When you go there the first time, your friend, Jake will accompany you throughout the area to fight double battles.

Pokémon on Route 8Edit

Grass: Edit

Pokémon Sprite Rarity
Espurr Espurr Common
Buneary Buneary Common
Lillipup Lillipup Common
Oddish Oddish Common
Starly Starly Common
Bellsprout Bellsprout Common
Swablu Swablu Rare
Riolu Riolu  Rare
Herdier Herdier Common


Pokémon Sprite Obtaining Method
Spiritomb Spiritomb

Throw Odd Keystone into the well.

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