Route 6 is the route to Mt. Igneus from Brimber City and vice versa. As with the previous Route 5 and Brimber City, it's a savanna themed location with some of the expected Pokemon already encountered in previous areas, plus a few new ones. Additionally, there are mounds of dirt located around the route that a trainer can use Dig on to hopefully encounter a Durant. You can now access Regirock if you have completed the puzzles in Pokemon City.

Pokemon Found in Route 6Edit


Sprite Levels Note
Blitzle Blitzle 9-11 Uncommon
Litleo Litleo 9-11 Common
Ponyta Ponyta 9-11 Rare
Rhyhorn Rhyhorn 9-11 Rare
Zubat Zubat 9-11 Common (Night Only)
Durant Durant Found in mounds using Dig.

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