Stuck between Route 8 and Route 9, while resting just outside of Rosecove City. It is also where you get you 3rd gym badge.


Tall Grass:Edit

Shellos Shellos
Psyduck Psyduck
Wingull Wingull
Slowpoke Slowpoke

Trees: Edit

Pokémon Sprite
Aipom Aipom
Exeggcute Exeggcute

Seashore: Edit

Pokémon Sprite Note
Staryu Staryu
Krabby Krabby
Manaphy Manaphy

Manaphy was obtainable on three occasions; one, around July 2016 or so, and the other around early October 2016, when the game entered Open Beta and

May 2017 19th to the 21st.

Fishing: Edit

Pokémon Sprite
Tentacool Tentacool
Krabby Krabby


  • It's where you first encounter Kyogre. (Not capturable)

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