Map of Roria

Roria is the region where events of Pokémon Brick Bronze commences. It is entirely fictional such that it is not based on any real world location or any existing regions in core series Pokémon games.

Geography Edit

Roria is made up of 2 islands. The main island, which shapes like an inverted L, houses most of the towns and cities. A mountain range stretches across northern Roria, with the west half of it known as Mt. Cragonos, apparently blocking any humid southwest monsoon or maritime air-stream passing through and making northwestern Roria a huge desert. The east coastline of western and southern Roria is bordered off by inaccessible hills which seem to be a ridge extending southward from Mt. Cragonos. That coastline, along with the south shoreline of northeastern Roria, forms into a large bay.

A rugged savannah takes up more than half of southern Roria. Separated from the savannah by a river associated to Lagoona Lake, western Roria mostly consists of plains and forests. The climate is quite mild such that most of the region is not frequently affected by adverse weather. In fact, only Route 11 has a non-stop sandstorm, and no routes rain constantly.

On the other hand, the small island to the southeast is Crescent Island. It is currently unknown if there are any settlements on the island, but it is hinted that the Team Eclipse HQ and Hoopa's tomb are located there. How the island forms into a shape of crescent moon is also a mystery. 

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