{{Universal_Infobox|name = Riolu|image = |Abilitie(S) = Steadfast or Inner Focus|Hidden Ability = Prankster|Egg Group = Undiscovered|EV Yield = 1 Atk|Pokedex # = 447|Location = Route 8|Generation = IV|Type = Fighting|Female Gender Ratio = 12.5%|Male Gender Ratio = 87.9%|


Riolu is a blue bipedal canine Fighting-type Pokémon, that can seldomly be found on Route 8, with a 1/100 encounter rate. It evolves into Lucario upon leveling up with high friendship (220+) during the day. The abilities Riolu can possess are Steadfast, Inner Focus, and Prankster, as a hidden ability.

  • This pokemon always has at least 4 perfect IV's upon encounter, making for a suitable pokemon for breeding higher IV's within the Human and Field type Egg Group.
  • It is speculated that all pokemon within the Undiscovered Egg Group have at least 3 perfect IV's, like in Pokemon X and Y.

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