Porygon is a Normal-type Pokémon.

Porygon has the ability Trace or Download, and the hidden ability Analytic.

It evolves into Porygon2 when traded holding an Up-Grade, which evolves into Porygon-Z when traded holding a Dubious Disc.

To obtain Porygon you go into Silvent City's PC box in the PokeCenter, and In the background There will be many patterns of Pokemon. After some time a pink icon that looks like Porygon will show up, and to battle Porygon you have to click it. This is only availible on a computer.

Warning: You only get once to battle porygon, so it is recommended to save beforehand and turn off auto save if on.

Level Up Edit

Level Attack Name Type Catergory Attack Accuracy PP Effect %
Conversion 2 Normal Status 30
Tackle Normal Physical 50 100 35
Conversion Normal Status 30
Sharpen Normal Status 30
7 Psybeam Psychic Special 65 100 20 Confuses Target 10%
12 Agility Psychic Status 30
18 Recover Normal Status 10
23 Magnet Rise Electric Status 10
29 Signal Beam Bug Special 75 100 15 Confuses Target 10%
34 Recycle Normal Status 10
40 Discharge Electric Special 80 100 15 Paralyzes Target 30%
45 Lock-On Normal Status 5
50 Tri Attack Normal Special 80 100 10 Burns, Freezes, or Paralyzes Target 20%
56 Magic Coat Psychic Status 15
62 Zap Cannon Electric Special 120 50 5 Paralyzes Target 100%

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