Port Decca Edit

Port Decca is a newly added sight, but to future updates to come, a gym will be added. User must have all 7 badges in order to access Port Decca.

With the needed move 'HeadButt', user can also encounter/ free 'Mew' in Port Decca. Use Headbutt on the oil bins, and push the green button upstairs when you catch the security guard's attention. Enter 'Secret Lab', fight all 3 trainers to release Mew into roaming wild.

User also receives HM03 Surf from Tess upon entry of Port Decca. Surf can be used to access many secret locations.

A boat ticket can be found left from the Poke Stamp store in Port Decca. A ticket is needed to access the Lost Islands, once user retrieved boat ticket, talk to a pirate next to the big boat. He will offer you to go to the Lost Islands.

Hero's Hover board Selection;

Free Boards:

Black Board

Green Board

Blue Board

Grey Board

Red Board

Pink Board

White Board

Yellow Board

Paid Boards (50 ROBUX EACH):

Rotom Board

White Fidget Board

Black Fidget Board

Yellow Fidget Board

Green Fidget Board

Red Fidget Board

Blue Fidget Board

Pink Fidget Board

Genesect Board]

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Lucario is the best pokemon.

Mienfoo is good too :)

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