(Please Add your own tips as well) Hello! Here are some tips for Pokemon Brick Bronze I thought would be helpful!

1.      When you choose your starter, I reccommend getting your starter to lvl 16 on route 1, as it really helps later on! (Optional Choice)

2.       Make sure you talk to everyone you meet, because they could have something useful. You never know what you might find or get.

3.        Speaking of finding, look around the map for hidden items inside pokeballs.

4.        Go to trade resort when you get your 4th gym badge as people don't like getting spammed with trade requests when your trading a Mareep. (Optional Choice)

5.        Make sure to meet new people, as they could help you in your quest around Roria.

6.         Don't always choose this guy give other starters a chance as some are really good besides Charizard, like Rowlet or Squirtle (Optional Choice)

7.         Don't beg for Gastly. In route 5, at night, the graveyard spawns Gastly quite often. Once you have Haunter, you need to trade him/her to a trusted friend, and ask them to trade it back. When you trade back, you get Gengar.

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