Noibat is a dual Flying/Dragon type and evolves into Noivern at level 48. Noibat can be found at a very low chance at the Path of Truth (Requires HM03 Surf) or in Route 14 with a rare chance. Noibats are dragon-like bats. They have huge ears compared to their sizes as well as purple scales. They also have a dragon tail and bat-like wings. Their supersonic abilities allow them to emit several frequencies of sound. Their ears are well equipped with advanced hearing mechanisms. They can be found at Route 14.

Spr 6x 714
(Once at lvl 48, it should evolve.)

Abilities that Noibat can be found with:

1) Frisk - Upon the start of a battle, Noibat can detect if the opposing pokemon is carrying a held item.

2) Infiltrator - Noibat's attacks ignore barriers such as Light Screen or Reflect.

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