Overview Edit

Route 6 is where you are sent to retrieve the special artifact and fight a large group of Team Eclipse grunts until the top of the mountain where the artifact gets placed onto the pedestal and Groudon is awakened, followed by Gym leader Sebastian running in and apologizing to Groudon for disturbing it once the Eclipse Team is beat.

Groudon goes back asleep afterwards, allowing the trainer to fight in the Brimber City Gym to obtain the Brimstone Badge.


After Route 6.

Pokemon: Edit

All Pokemon found here are between levels 9-11.

Pokemon Sprite Note
Zubat Zubat Common
Slugma Slugma Common
Torkoal Torkoal


Numel Numel Uncommon
Heatmor Heatmor Rare
Magby Magby Rare

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