Pokémons in the Monster egg groupEdit

Sprite Other Egg Group
Ivysaur Grass
Venusaur Grass
Charmander Dragon
Charmeleon Dragon
Charizard Dragon
Squirtle Water 1
Wartortle Water 1
Blastoise Water 1
NidoranF Field
NidoranM Field
Nidorino Field
Nidoking Field
Slowpoke Water 1
Slowbro Water 1
Rhyhorn Field
Rhydon Field
Lapras Water 1
Chikorita Grass
Bayleef Grass
Meganium Grass
Totodile Water 1
Croconaw Water 1
Feraligatr Water 1
Mareep Field
Flaaffy Field
Ampharos Field
Slowking Water 1
Treecko Dragon
Grovyle Dragon
Sceptile Dragon
Mudkip Water 1
Marshtomp Water 1
Swamper Water 1
Whismur Field
Loudred Field
Exploud Field
Tropius Grass
Turtwig Grass
Grotle Grass
Torterra Grass
Gible Dragon
Gabite Dragon
Garchomp Dragon
Abomasnow Grass
Rhyperior Field
Axew Dragon
Fraxure Dragon
Haxorus Dragon
Heliolisk Dragon
Tyrunt Dragon
Tyrantrum Dragon

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