Name Picture Location Price
Abomasite Event N/A
Absolite Anthian City N/A
Aerodactylite Stone Shop $100,000
Aggronite Stone Shop $200,000
Alakazite Stone Shop $100,000
Altarianite Stone Shop $100,000
Ampharosite Stone Shop $100,000
Audinite Arcade
Banettite Stone Shop $100,000
Beedrilite Stone Shop $100,000
Blastoisinite Stone Shop $150,000
Blazikenite Battle Colloseum 200 BP
Cameruptite Stone Shop $100,000
Charizardite X Stone Shop $150,000
Charizardite Y Stone Shop $150,000
Diancite Daily Lotto
Galladite Battle Colloseum 200 BP
Garchompite Stone Shop $200,000
Gardevoirite Battle Colloseum 200 BP
Gengarite Battle Colloseum 200 BP
Glalitite Stone Shop $100,000
Gyaradosite Battle Colloseum 200 BP
Heracronite Stone Shop $100,000
Houndoominite Stone Shop $100,000
Kangaskhanite N/A
Latiasite Daily Lotto
Latiosite Daily Lotto
Lopunnite Stone Shop $100,000
Lucarionite Stone Shop $200,000
Manectite Stone Shop $100,000
Mawilite Stone Shop $100,000
Medichamite Battle Colloseum 150 BP
Metagrossite Stone Shop $200,000
Mewtwonite X Daily Lotto
Mewtwonite Y Daily Lotto
Pidgeotite Stone Shop $100,000
Pinsirite Stone Shop $100,000
Sablenite Glistening Grotto N/A
Salamencite Stone Shop $200,000
Sceptilite Battle Colloseum 200 BP
Scizorite Stone Shop $100,000
Sharpedonite N/A
Slowbronite Stone Shop $100,000
Steelixite Daily Lotto
Swampertite Battle Colloseum 200 BP
Tyranitarite Stone Shop $200,000
Venusaurite Stone Shop $150,000

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