Magmarizer is found in the Igneus Depths, ( Heatran's Cave ) after the 5th gym. In order to obtain it you will need the move 'Rock Climb' from defeating Fluoruma City's gym. Also you must make a transaction of 20 robux to acquire the magmarizer. Once you have Rock Climb you are able to get across the lava.

The lava pool is located at the next to Fluoruma City, in this volcano team Eclipse summoned Groudon in the highest chamber. You will then be asked to pay the 20 robux. Once you obtain it you can trade Magmar holding the Magmarizer to evolve it into its final form, Magmortar. It is also possible to capture a Magmar that is already holding a Magmarizer, without the need to access parts of Igneus Depths.

Please Don't edit this page to anything weird or false this is for P.B.B players that need help with their adventure thank you.

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