{{Universal_Infobox|name = LilSmashimage = Machop.gif|Nation Pokedex No. = 066|Location = Tinbell Tower|Generation = First|Type = Fighting|Weight = 19.5 kg|Abilitie(S) = Guts or No Guard|Hidden Ability = Steadfast|Egg Group = Human-Like|EV Yield = 1 Attack|Gender Ratio = 75% Male / 25% Female|Catch Rate = 180|Pokedex # = 66|Height = 2'07"|Female Gender Ratio = 25|Male Gender

Overview Edit

Machop is a pure FIghting-type Pokémon originally from the Kanto region.

Evolutions Edit

Machop's evolution line


people making up lies


Machoke evolves into Machamp by trading it


Machop's information Edit

It loves working out. As it gazes at its muscles which continue to swell day by day, it becomes more and more dedicated to its training. And Amchop loves eating big sweating dick

Information from Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Pokédex entry

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