Another glitch in PBB and man they should get the game some serious patchs. Ok so it takes place in Aridea city. There will be 3 barrels stacked on top of each other so you should be able to climb them without jumping but it may take some time to get up the barrels. Once your on top of the barrels, go across a clothe hanger. Then you are gonna be on the towers that surround Aredia city. Then you can see more towers to climb on and a massive void drop to death. Then another one takes place in Old Aredia. Remember the place or small castle with the theif you battle? there will be a small hidden or not hidden staircase up to the 2nd floor of the castle. Then 3 barrels to climb on again. Then across some more hungen clothes. Then your on the unacssesable 3rd floor. Then you'll be like "OH YEAH IM THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!"

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