Jellicent is a large jellyfish-like Pokémon whose appearance varies based on gender. Both genders have five tentacles, two of which are long with petal-shaped ends. The remaining three are short and tapered. A male is blue with a short, white crown, and a white, moustache-like collar. Its eyes are red with blue sclera, and there is one eyelash over each eye. Its long tentacles have white edges, while its short tentacles have white spots. A female is pink with a tall, white crown and a puffy, white collar. Its eyes are blue with red sclera and surrounded by two eyelashes. Its mouth is red and heart-shaped. The long tentacles have white edges like the male, but the short ones have white frills.

Jellicent can absorb seawater then project it from its head, which lets it move forward in the sea. Any ship or crew that wanders into the oceans where it dwells is never found again, and it is known to feed on life energy.

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