Inkay is a Psychic-type/Dark-type Pokemon introduced in Generation VI and evolves at level 30 into Malamar while holding a tablet/phone device upside down


Inkay XY

Inkay is a squid-like pokemon. it's mantle is transparent, which looks like a hat. in the hat it looks pink and has small spots, which will make pokemon lose will to battle. it has tentacles which resemble like straps hanging out from a winter hat, next to it's 6 very short arms. Its eyes are white with a black spot and a smaller white spot, but no pupil is identified.

information from Bulbapedia. click below to see.


Inkay's information

It flashes the light-emitting spots on its body, which drains its opponent’s will to fight. It takes the opportunity to scuttle away and hide.Opponents who stare at the flashing of the light-emitting spots on its body become dazed and lose their will to fight.

Information from ORAS and XY Pokédex entry.

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