Hobo's Lucky Lotto Edit

Hobo's Lucky Lotto is a place in Anthian City- Shopping District where you can get free prizes everyday with the use of your Pokemon's last 5 digit's on their ID at your party, daycare and PC.

Hobo will say 5 random numbers, and the game will start to scan for a random Pokemon matching some numbers. In Day 3, if the player gets 4 or 5 matched numbers, they will need to do a coin flip, getting either Latiasite or Latiosite for four matched numbers or Mewtwonite X or Mewtwonite Y for five matched numbers.

To increase your chances, trade for some Pokemon. There are people in the trade resort who want to "trade ID's", meaning they want to trade by their Pokemon's ID's.

Prizes Edit

There are 5 prizes each day, and there are 3 days. After Day 3 ends, the next day would be Day 1.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
MooMoo Milk $5000 UMV Battery
Rare Candy $15,000 Steelixite
PP Up $30,000 Diancite
PP Max $75,000 Latiasite/Latiosite
Silver Bottle Cap $500,000 Mewtwonite x/Mewtwonite Y

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