Fossil Pokemon are Pokemon you find at Lagoona Trenches while diving.

The following fossils turn into these:

Helix Fossil = Omanyte (evolves to Omastar)

Dome Fossil = Kabuto (evolves to Kabutops)

Old Amber = Aerodactyl (Mega Evolves to Mega Aerodactyl)

Claw Fossil = Anorith (evolves to Armaldo)

Root Fossil = Lileep (evolves to Cradily)

Skull Fossil = Cranidos (evolves to Rampardos)

Armor Fossil = Shieldon (evolves to Bastiodon)

Plume Fossil = Archen (evolves to Archeops)

Cover Fossil = Tirtouga (evolves to Carracosta)

Jaw Fossil = Tyunt (evolves to Tyrantrum)

Sail Fossil = Amaura (evolves to Aurorus)

Fossilised Egg = Togepi, Uxie, Mespirit or Azelf

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