Overview Edit

Electabuzz its a Electric Type Pokémon from Kanto.Its color its yellow with black thunders on his body,arms,legs,tail and head.Its the number 125 in the Roria's Pokedex.It cant be found at wild,to get one you need evolve a Elekid.

Evolutions Edit

The evolution line of Electabuzz


Elekid evolves into Electabuzz at a certain level.


Electabuzz evolves into Electivire by trading it with a electrivier equipped (Found in Anthian City,Anthian Park)


Electivire does not evolve.


Information about Electabuzz Edit

Half of all sudden blackouts are caused by Electabuzz gathering at electric power plants and gobbling up electricity.Electricity leaks from it in amounts far greater than the amount of electricity it eats.

Information from Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Pokedex entries.

Moves learnt by level up Edit







1 Leer NORMAL 100
1 Thunder Shock ELECTRIC 40 100
1 Quick Attack NORMAL 40 100
5 Thunder Shock ELECTRIC 40 100
8 Low Kick FIGHTING 100
12 Swift NORMAL 60
15 Shock Wave ELECTRIC 60
19 Thunder Wave ELECTRIC 90
22 Electro Ball ELECTRIC 100
26 Light Screen PSYCHIC
29 Thunder Punch ELECTRIC 75 100
36 Discharge ELECTRIC 80 100
42 Screech NORMAL 85
49 Thunderbolt ELECTRIC 90 100
55 Thunder ELECTRIC 110 70

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