Absol, one of 54 Dark-type Pokémon. They are known to be pure Dark-type.


The Dark type was released in Generation II along with the Steel type. It is one of the eighteen types. Gym Leader Zeek of Frostveil City, the seventh gym leader, is known to specialize in this type. The majority of Dark-type Pokémon lack a steady HP, Defense, and Special Defense stats. However, this rule does not apply to every Dark Pokémon, as certain Dark-type Pokémon (Tyranitar, Umbreon) do have very powerful HP, Defense, and Special Defense.

Typing Advantages/Disadvantages Edit

Dark-type moves are very powerful when battlingGhost-type Pokémon and Psychic-type Pokémon. When combatting the Fighting type, the Steel type, or even other Dark-type Pokémon, their attacks are known to be quite feeble. Dark-type Pokémon appear to resist other Dark-type moves and Ghost-type moves. They are completely immune to the Psychic type, making a poor choice to battle one with a Psychic-type Pokémon. However, Dark-type Pokémon are flimsy against the Bug type, the Fighting type, and the Fairy type.

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