Chesma town is a town connecting Route 2 to Route 1 and Gale Forest. It has many unique features, like a Sawsbucks Coffee where you can get a item called "Sawsbuck Coffee" which cannot be found anywhere else, and a Squirtle Fountain in the middle of the town.

Unique Features Edit

  • Starbucks Coffee.

Importance in Storyline Edit

  1. You are sent here by Professor Cypress to live with a "friend" of his until your parents are found
  2. When you arrive at Cheshma, the "friend" invites you to her house, and steals the necklace your parents gave you. After that she runs into Gale Forest
  3. Once you defeat her in a battle, she surrenders, giving you back the necklace and access to Route 3

Upon returning back to your hometown, Professor Cypress is also missing. This has sparked several theories about Cypress and your parents being members of team eclipse, that the real friend was kidnapped, etc.

Available Items in Cheshma Town: Edit

  1. Sawsbucks Coffee
    • Recieved from barista in Sawsbucks Coffee store.
  2. Pokeball
    • Near Route 1 behind a set of trees
  3. Gold Nugget
    • To the far right of the beginning of the bridge.

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