Charizard is a Flying and Fire Pokemon. It first starts off as a Charmander. Eventually, It evolves into Charmeleon. This normally occurs in Pokemon Brick Bronze, when you are battling the Slivent City Gym Leader, Chad. It then evolves into the Epic Charizard! I play Pokemon Brick Bronze and I have a Charizard. It's current move set has Wing Attack, Cut, Ember, and Dragon Rage. But your Charizard might have a different move set because I replaced fire fang with Wing Attack. I did that because your Charizard should have different types of moves because if your Charizard's moves were all Fire, and you were battling a Water type, (aka. Greninja, Mudkip, etc.) you would get destroyed. (Updated by Bluelightning2135 on roblox. Blue did not actually write this.)

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