You arrive in Anthian City via the Cragonos Mines system and you arrive with Tess and Jake

There are 5 Places in the city: Sewers, Housing District, Shopping District, Park District, and The Battle District where you can get your 4th Gym Badge.

After you beat the gym you get'


This is the capital of Roria, where you fight the Team Eclipse Boss (Who turns out to be Professor Cypress). When you fight the Boss, an Absol with Absolite on its neck comes to join you. Tess gives you a Mega Keystone (that is important for all megas), and you can use Absol to mega evolve, giving you a huge advantage. When you've won the battle with the professor you will get HM02 from Rival Tess which contains Fly. You will also get the sky train pass from Gerald.


Anthian SewerEdit

Housing District (Trash Can in Alley)Edit

Park District (Christmas Event 2016 )Edit

For more info about this event, please see the Santa Claus page. 

  • Sandshrew (Alolan - Can be chosen after event completion)
  • Vulpix (Alolan - Can be chosen after event completion)

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